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Interior Contemporary 12V 3W SMD LED Cabinet Light 2806
    Publish time 2016-07-27 17:19    
Aluminium square cabinet light with SMD LED, suitable for any contemporary designs
Conform to CE and ROHS standard
Various surface finishes for your wide selection when necessary
Light sets with driver and mains lead also available, 3 or 5sets of lights generally connected, or you can choose according to your actual needs

  • Operating Mode : Constant Voltage 12V
  • Material : Aluminium + frosted acrylic
  • LED type : SMD
  • Wattage : 2W
  • IP Rating : IP44
  • Energy Efficiency Class : A+
  • Light color : 2700K/4100K/6400K
  • Mounting : surface mounting, screw fixing included
  • Working Lifetime : 30,000h

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