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IP44 Linear Shape LED Bathroom Mirror Light 2999
    Publish time 2016-10-13 15:35    

The light has high power, which is welcome in market and helps you earn market share easily
Offered in different lengths to match different sizes of cabinets or mirrors
Available in warm white, neutral white and cool white LED, allowing you to create the perfect mood lighting to suit your cabinetry

  • Operating Mode : Constant Voltage 12V
  • Material : Aluminium + milky acrylic
  • LED type : SMD
  • Length : L300mm/L490mm/L790mm
  • Wattage : 6W/10W/15W
  • IP Rating : IP44
  • Energy Efficiency Class : A+
  • Light color : 2700K/4100K/6400K
  • Mounting : surface or mirror mounting available
  • Working Lifetime : 30,000h


Extra Selling Points : IC solution 230V version available, eliminating the need for extra driver, ensures high working efficiency and longer lifespan. Long head of the fittingprovides an even illumination across the cabinet or mirror front. Various surface finishes can be made per requests.


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